What is Erasmus in School?

Erasmus in School (EiS) is the main activity of the Social Erasmus project: the aim is to promote international mobility among secondary schools and explain to high-school students what Erasmus Plus is.

Erasmus means joyfully sharing different cultures all together.
Every erasmus student who takes part in EiS shares his or her experience to local high-school students, telling them how living in the hosting country means: every day challenges, finding accommodation, meeting different way of life and foreign language. It is a key moment for both erasmus students and high-school students.

The meeting consists of a lecture on the Erasmus Plus, which incorporates all the opportunities, from Comenius through the Erasmus Studying up to Erasmus Placement, about an hour and a half, followed by a dialogue with the students, who can intervene freely "interrogating" the Erasmus students and the same members of ESN regarding the mobility experience lived outside Italy.

This project is a great opportunity for high-school students to get in touch with international students and to know important aspects about Erasmus Plus.

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