NASE Udine was founded in September 2013 by three students on their return from Erasmus who wanted to bring the joy and the experiences they had abroad to Udine, sharing all of this with incoming students in the Friulian city. In October 2014, after a year of hard work, NASE Udine became part of the Erasmus Student Network Italia (ESN Italia), thus turning into ESN NASE Udine.

It is a volunteer-based association  which passionately aims to bring an European spirit and an international touch to the city of Udine.

ESN NASE Udine is intended to help incoming students to get to know, discover and to fully experience Udine and beyond. For this reason Welcome Days are being organised during each term in order to help them to acquire a better understanding of the city in which they are staying and to adjust to their new environment. Moreover, throughout the year exchange students can join trips, both inside and outside the region, and many different events taking place in the city.

The association is socially active too and many events are organised in order to make exchange students feel useful for the community in which they are living.

All this is ESN NASE Udine.


And do not forget our motto: “NASE is the way!”