Buddy System

The Buddy System is a service offered to all incoming students, which follows ESN’s philosophy “students helping students”: students of the hosting university become Buddies of one or more Erasmus students, helping them in their first approach to the city, including finding an accommodation, helping them with the bureaucracy or simply accompanying them to parties or clubs.

Beign a Buddy

To become a Buddy you must be a member of ESN NASE Udine and to become one you only have to come talk with us during our Info Desk opening hours.
Your main tasks will be:

  • Helping Erasmus students finding an accommodation
  • Touring the city with Erasmus students
  • Introducing the Erasmus students to other International Students or local people
  • Introducing the Erasmus students to all ESN activities which take place during the semester
  • Since you’ve been living in Udine, you should show to the Erasmus student the most authentic side of the city, so that he will know what a “Frico” is and will be able to order a “taj” in a bar
  • And most importantly, remember you are volunteers and (probably) former Erasmus students yourself, so HAVE FUN and entertain your Buddy as well!



ESN NASE Udine uses the Papaya App to create the matchings of the buddies.
To access Papaya you have to go to this link http://papaya.iter-idea.com and log in to your Facebook account.
You will then have to select whether you are a local student or an exchange student. Then you will have to complete your profile with the data required: Papaya uses these attributes to find you the perfect Buddy! Then just apply to the "Buddy System" project and add the requested information. Afterwards, you should see yourself subscribed and you then only need to wait for a match.
For more information don't hesitate to contact buddy@esnnaseudine.it