What is ESNcard?

With ESNcard you can enjoy to the fullest your Erasmus. The ESNcard allows you to have discounts in various facilities of Udine (bars, restaurants, ice cream shops, stationeries, etc.) and to participate in activities organized by ESN NASE Udine.

But there’s more! The ESNcard allows you to get discounts throughout Italy and Europe thanks to national and international partners.


Where can I get discounts of ESNcard?

Here is a list of ESN partners. For more information visit the site www.esncard.org.


How do I get an ESNcard?

To get an ESNcard  you just have to go to the ESN NASE Udine desk during the office hours with:

  • ID or Passport
  • 1 passport photo (see example)
  • 10 €